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Job Information


Bishops Court Warrington


IOPG Limited Partnership / Weston Alison Wright


£ 300,000+

Job Description

The Refurbishment of Industrial Units project at Bishops Court in Warrington exemplifies Buildmain Ltd’s expertise in delivering comprehensive refurbishment solutions for industrial properties. This ambitious project aimed to rejuvenate and enhance the functionality of the existing industrial units, transforming them into modern and efficient spaces.

Project Scope and Execution:

The project encompassed a wide array of tasks, each carefully planned and executed to achieve exceptional outcomes. The scope included:

  • Collaborative consultations with building control, structural engineers, and building surveyors to ensure regulatory alignment and compliance.
  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive Health and Safety package, prioritizing a secure working environment.
  • Organization of pre-start meetings and regular consultation sessions to monitor progress, address challenges, and ensure project continuity.
  • Setup of the project site, including the erection of access equipment and scaffolding to ensure safe and efficient work processes.
  • Methodical isolation, strip-out, and demolition processes to pave the way for structural upgrades and alterations.
  • Upgrades to external drainage systems for enhanced functionality and efficient water management.
  • Expert asbestos removal, strictly adhering to safety protocols to ensure the safety of all personnel involved.
  • Implementation of structural alterations and upgrades to modernize and reinforce the industrial units.
  • Precise execution of 1st and 2nd fix electrical, mechanical, and joinery work to align with the new design.
  • Upgrades to glazing for improved aesthetics and functionality, creating a more modern and well-lit interior.
  • Installation of a steel fire escape for enhanced safety and accessibility.
  • Complete refurbishment of the built-up and insulated roof, ensuring optimal thermal performance.
  • Installation of a comprehensive roof light system to maximize natural lighting and energy efficiency.
  • Thorough decoration processes, including external steel decoration, cladding cleaning, and new floor coverings.
  • Efficient waste removal and disposal to maintain a tidy and organized work environment.
  • Compilation of a comprehensive Operation and Maintenance Package (O&M Package) to provide ongoing support.
  • Thorough handover procedures to ensure the successful completion and client satisfaction.

Outcome and Achievements:

The successful refurbishment of the industrial units at Bishops Court stands as a testament to Buildmain Ltd’s capabilities in managing intricate and multifaceted projects. The project resulted in the complete transformation of the industrial units, creating modern, energy-efficient, and functional spaces that align with contemporary industrial standards.

The project’s successful execution was attributed to Buildmain Ltd’s experienced team, who demonstrated exceptional skills in construction, refurbishment, and project management. The completed project not only enhanced the visual appeal of the industrial units but also contributed to their long-term durability and enhanced value.

Client Satisfaction and Impact:

The client’s satisfaction was paramount throughout the project. Buildmain Ltd’s commitment to clear communication, collaboration, and delivering on expectations fostered a positive working relationship. The successful refurbishment of the industrial units added significant value to the client’s property portfolio, transforming outdated units into modern assets.


The Refurbishment of Industrial Units project at Bishops Court showcases Buildmain Ltd’s dedication to delivering exceptional construction and refurbishment solutions. Through meticulous planning, expert execution, and a client-centric approach, Buildmain Ltd successfully revitalized the industrial units, leaving a lasting impact on their functionality, aesthetics, and value. This case study underscores Buildmain Ltd’s ability to manage complex projects with precision and expertise, resulting in client satisfaction and outstanding project outcomes.


• Consultation with building control, structural engineers, building surveyors

• Full H & S Package

• Pre – start meeting

• Regular consultation meetings

• Site set up

• Erection of access and scaffolding

• Isolation

• Strip out

• Demolition

• External drainage upgrades

• Asbestos removal

• Structural alterations & upgrades

• 1st & 2nd fix electrical

• 1st & 2nd fix mechanical

• 1st & 2nd fix joinery

• Glazing upgrade

• Steel fire escape install

• Full built up & insulated roof refurbishment

• Full roof light system installation

• Complete Decoration

• New floor coverings

• Cladding cleaning

• External steel decoration

• Waste removal

• O & M Package

• Hand Over

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