Meeting The Needs Of Today

Job Information


BT Sport, Waterden Rd, Queen Elizabeth, Olympic Park, London


Timeline Television


Richard Goodliffe Design

Form of contract



£ 100,000.00


6 weeks

Job Description

Buildmain Ltd undertook refurbishment works at BT Sport to aid Timeline TV in constructing six Edit Suites and PCR Rooms. This project was initiated after our meeting with Designer Richard Goodliffe.

Key Aspects of the Project:

  1. Timeframe and Restrictions: We followed a strict timeframe to complete the project while complying with on-site restrictions concerning noise generation and Health & Safety.

  2. Acoustic Wall Construction: We constructed an acoustic wall, providing more than Rw50dB acoustic isolation between the rooms. This involved using specific materials and techniques to ensure top-quality soundproofing.

  3. Acoustic Window Installation: We installed acoustic windows with a specific layering of laminate and airspace to enhance sound isolation.

  4. Ceiling Installation: We installed a Sound Bloc soffit board ceiling, creating an Acoustic ceiling for four suites and three PCR rooms.

  5. Door Installation: We supplied and fitted eight pre-finished doors, ensuring Rw40db acoustic performance. Each door was equipped with fire-rated self-closing devices, pull handles, and push plates.

  6. Finishing Touches: All new walls were tape and jointed to a high standard, and we applied a minimum of two coats of Johnstone Trade matt emulsion for a quality finish. We prepared and decorated new MDF square edge skirting to match the existing decor. Finally, we prepared the floor and fitted carpet tiles for a polished finish.

The contracted works were completed within the designated timeframe to the client’s approval and satisfaction.


  • Pre-start planning meetings
  • Health and safety plan
  • Scope of Work site set up 
  • Site strip as required
  • Demolition & site strip
  • 1st & 2nd fix joinery (structural partition walls) 
  • Acoustic Partitions
  • MF Ceilings
  • Acoustic window
  • Doors
  • Full Decoration
  • Raised Access flooring
  • Carpet tile Flooring
  • Handover

Before & After Pictures